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Saturday, March 22, 2014 - 
"Becoming Your Own Therapist
Saturday, March 29, 2014 - Emerald Spiral Fair

 Are you feeling stuck where you're at in life?  Do you believe you deserve to have a better life, yet still seem to attract the same types of relationships, dead-end jobs, or patterns of chronic illnesses, aches and pain?  Would you like to know that it is possible to change your beliefs so you may begin to attract that which you truly want to manifest and have in your life?  If an opportunity presented itself to you right now where you could experience healing for beliefs which no longer serve you and receive new information which would support you with your life dreams and goals, would you accept it?

Welcome! My name is Zoe Niclaus and I am an esoteric healing practitioner.  The services I offer are unique, non-traditional, and are alternative forms of healing. These healing methods are designed to facilitate healing for your soul's Highest and Best. The healing methods are conducted in the theta brain wave state. The intention set for healing is always for the Highest and Best of the individual receiving the healing. Descriptions of the healing modalities offered are listed below.

The healing tools I use are ThetaHealing, Spiritual Response Therapy, and Spiritual Mediumship.  Each day we wake up is a blessing and a miracle.  Life is a miracle.  It is a miracle that we are here today.  Blessings come in many ways, shapes and forms, as do miracles.  In life, sometimes things happen and our perceptions and beliefs in blessings and miracles becomes jaded.  We engage in the same behaviors expecting different results (yes, this is the definition of insanity!).  Sometimes we simply cannot see our way out of a paper bag and we don't see the light at the end of the bag - or, at the end of the tunnel.  Life can be very challenging and seeking traditional methods of help may not feed your soul's needs.

Certified Theta Healing™
ThetaHealing fits into the mind/body therapies as a complementary or alternative health modality. It is both therapeutic and self-help and aims to assist with physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. ThetaHealing is not a replacement for conventional medical treatment, but rather is supplementary to it.  Using a meditational process that accesses the “theta’ brainwave, we pray for our clients to receive unconditional love to assist in the healing changes they desire. Another way of expressing this is that we ask God, The Energy That Moves in All Things, Source or The Creator for the healing to take place.  ThetaHealing® teaches how to put to use our natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of Creator Of All That Is to do the actual “work”. We believe by changing your brain wave cycle to include the “Theta” state, you can actually watch the Creator Of All That Is create instantaneous physical and emotional healing.

Despite ThetaHealing being an intangible spiritual healing process, it could best be described as “focused thought and prayer bringing healing and transformation through unconditional love”. The processes of ThetaHealing are not specific to any age, sex, race, color or creed or religion. Anyone with a pure belief in God or the Creative Force can access and use the branches of the ThetaHealing tree.” Source Vianna Stibal

As with all faith based philosophies, there is no clear objective proof that there is any such force, but there can be a strong belief and some degree of belief is necessary for a ThetaHealing session to be effective. For those that have faith no proof is needed, for those without faith no amount of proof would be adequate. All great ideas have been ridiculed at some stage. Perhaps they don't need to believe but simply consider What If this actually worked. 

Spiritual Response Therapy
We are spiritual beings clothed in a physical body and we are privileged to be here on the Earth plane to learn lessons and to deal with challenges that can only be handled in the physical realms.

We need to understand that we are here for the growth of our soul and that some of the lessons we need to learn may be difficult. The soul accumulates positive and negative energies from the time of its creation. These energies come with us in every incarnation and the negative ones can impinge very largely on our lives, often blocking us from receiving our greatest good, health, wealth, happiness, etc. In previous lifetimes we may have been rich, poor, black, white, murderers, murdered, abusers, in holy orders - all manner of things - so that our soul can learn lessons and grow.

The benefits may not happen overnight and of course you will need to continue your involvement on a conscious level to maintain and build on the clearing work. After all, we are here to learn and grow and we never stop learning lessons or facing our challenges! However, with the removal of your negative energies, and with renewed clarity and focus, all of these things can be achievable.

Release your subconscious blocks: Wealth, Abundance, Prosperity, Health,
Happiness, Harmonious relationships

Break your old habits: Cravings, Addictions, Drug abuse, Health abuse, Childhood fears, Allergies

Release repeat patterns: Relationships that don't work, Making the same mistakes over & over again, Emotional difficulties

Empower Yourself: Conquer your phobias, agoraphobia/claustrophobia, etc.
Break free from manic depression.

Spiritual Medium
​What is a spiritual medium compared to a psychic medium? A psychic isn't necessarily a medium, but a medium is a psychic. 

Psychics tune into the energy of people or objects by feeling or sensing elements of their past, present and future. Simply put, psychics rely on their basic sense of intuition and psychic ability to gather information for the person being read.

Mediums take it a step further. A medium uses his or her psychic or intuitive abilities to see the past, present and future events of a person by tuning into the spirit energy surrounding that person. This means mediums rely on the presence of non-physical energy outside of themselves for the information relevant to the person being read.  I work as a mental medium, which means I communicate with spirits through the use of telepathy. Spirits impress my mind and body with thoughts and feelings that come in the form of "clairs." I mentally "hear" (clairaudience), "see" (clairvoyance), "know" (claircognizance) and/or "feel" (clairsentience) messages from spirits. I like to say that I act as the bridge between the spiritual and the physical world, with the intention of healing both worlds.


Take your time to review and reflect upon the services offered here.  The theta healing and SRT are often used in tandem with one another and provides a very comprehensive kind of healing.  Depending upon the individual's receptivity towards healing, the results can be rather phenomenal, effecting positive change.

Feel free to fill out the Contact Form on this page with any questions you may have regarding any of these services.  All emails are responded to within 24 hours.

Are you ready to change your thoughts to effect changing your mind, then change your life - today?  Contact me so we may set your appointment and get you started on your new path today!

Call (602) 330-4347 or e-mail askzoeniclaus@gmail.com. Payments are made through PayPal or Green Dot MoneyPak reloads or WePay.com. All readings and healings are done via telephone and Skype. Online chat sessions may also be performed.  
Zoe Niclaus Medium Transformational Healer